What is Pharmacogenetics? the science that studies and informs how patient's genes affect the response to medication.


The FDA-EMA-AEMPS data sheets already include pharmacogenetics for personalised prescription.

The data sheets report on the influence of the patient’s genetics in relation to the effect of the drug. In many cases, dose adjustments or medication changes are recommended. Unawareness does not exempt from the responsibility to inform the patient. g-Nomic® informs, for each drug, which genes to study and their level of evidence.

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g-Nomic® avoids admissions to the emergency department for non-personalised medication.

10% of all admissions to the emergency department are due to adverse drug reactions. g-Nomic® makes prescribing safer and avoids these reactions by detecting interactions between medicines, herbal medicines and nutritional supplements by taking the patient’s genetics into account.

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Our methodology makes us unique

Eugenomic is the pioneer company, with 10 years of experience, that has developed g-Nomic®, the pharmacogenetics interpretation software, which integrates the detection of drug interactions at the level of absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination.  In addition, it provides information on medication-related risks and avoids cumulative adverse effects.

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We have the trust of great professionals

  • “Eugenomic's software, g-Nomic, is tremendously useful in my daily practice, as it allows me to know immediately, based on the therapeutic characteristics of each patient, the drug interactions, the adverse effects to avoid and the recommendations for the use of drugs based on lifestyle habits. It is a very valuable, useful and interesting tool that offers also immediately, the relevant genes to be analysed. In short, as an integrative family doctor and microbiologist, it is an invaluable help in speeding up such an important and delicate aspect as drug interactions, which the software solves with efficiency, rigour and brilliance”

    Dr. A. Saldarreaga

    Family doctor

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How we help healthcare professionals

  • Doctors
  • Pharmacists
  • Analysts

Prescribing in complete safety

The patient comes to the doctor’s office with many different medications, usually consuming natural products and nutritional supplements that he or she does not inform the doctor about because they are considered harmless. With g-Nomic we turn the complexity of genetic data into clinically applicable reports and conclusions.


Personalised recommendations

Whether it is a community or hospital pharmacy, the pharmacist plays a very important role in making recommendations to patients. With the Eugenomic methodology, you can find out whether the combination of prescribed medication and nutritional supplements is effective for the patient.

Personalised reports allow each patient to easily understand their medication, contraindications and degree of genetic evidence.

We help to define the genetic analysis offer

We advise on the definition of the type of genetic analysis to complement the current offer in an efficient and profitable way. With Eugenomic the laboratory will differentiate itself in:

  • Genetic analysis with clinical relevance.
  • Generation of personalised reports for each client.
  • Constant advice on new markers and their relevance.

Our figures

Get to know g-Nomic in figures

  • 2,3 million
  • 10 thousand
    Drug interactions
  • 2.000
    Registered active ingredients
  • 1.800
    Risks associated with medication

Recognised by the main associations and agencies

Our software is registered by the Spanish Medicines Agency as a "Medical Device" with medical device licence number: 7243-PS. In addition, our company has been verified by other entities such as Web Médica Acreditada and we subscribe to the HONcode principles.