Are you a laboratory and want to start a genomics service? Do you have raw sequencer data and don’t know how to turn it into accessible, intuitive and easy-to-interpret reports? Do you want a scalable business model? Then r-Nomic is the solution you need to grow your business.

What is r-Nomic reporting?
It is an online access tool that allows the laboratory, in an easy way and with a minimum investment, to market its pharmacogenetics and preventive medicine reports. Fully parameterizable reports.

The pharmacogenetics reports are aimed at the clinician, as a tool to guide the drug to be prescribed according to the patient’s genes.

r-Nomic also integrates genomic personalized medicine interpretation reports, which can be parameterized according to the needs of each laboratory for its customers.

What does r-Nomic integrate in its reports?

It transforms scientific knowledge into practical applications with clinical value.
The knowledge database is updated daily.
Fully configurable reports: genes, drugs, texts, cover page, image…
Specific reports by medical specialty or groups of drugs adapted for each laboratory.
Scalable economic model, adapted for all small and large volume companies.
For each patient, a personalized report with dosage recommendations according to their genetic variants.
Interrelation of the drugs the patient is taking with food, lifestyle habits, inhibitors, inducers and the patient’s individual genetics.
Integration with the laboratory’s computer system.

Eugenomic’s tools are aimed at clinicians, hospitals and laboratories.

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