Variety of Reports

At Eugenomic, we offer an extensive variety of pharmacogenetics reports that encompass various medical specialties. This includes fields such as cardiology, psychiatry, ADHD, ophthalmology, pain management, internal medicine, trichology, smoking cessation, and many others. Additionally, we provide general-use reports that are applicable across multiple specialties, as well as specific reports that focus on particular pathologies, such as oncology, including breast cancer, prostate cancer, kidney cancer, lung cancer, and more. Our broad range of reports is designed to meet the specific needs of each patient and healthcare professional.

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Customizable Reports

At Eugenomic, we value the uniqueness of each client. For this reason, all our pharmacogenetics reports are fully adaptable to meet the specific needs of your organization. We provide you with the ability to customize key elements such as the format, drug content, inclusion of relevant genes, choice of corporate colors, graphic design, and language, which can be in Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, or Russian. We are committed to providing you with a personalized experience that aligns perfectly with your individual requirements.

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For those who are taking their first steps in the field and require pharmacogenetics training for their team, Eugenomic offers a specialized training program through our Eugenomic Academy. Our academy is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to make the most of pharmacogenetics in your medical practice. Trust us to guide you on this exciting journey toward personalized prescription and the enhancement of healthcare.


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