Personalize each patient's treatment

Impact of adverse drug reactions

Statistical data from USA Pharmacovigilance (FAERS) report that there are 120,000 deaths per year due to adverse drug reactions (ADR). EMA estimates indicate that there are 192,000 deaths per year from ADR in the EU. If we extrapolate these figures to Spain in relation to its population, they would mean about 18,000 deaths per year due to ADR. As comparative data, in Spain there are 1,600 deaths due to traffic accidents and 650 deaths due to labour accidents annually.

Fewer adverse effects and more efficacy

Shortens treatment time and reduces toxicity

A personalized treatment, based on the patient’s genetics, increases its effectiveness with all the advantages that it entails. On the one hand it reduces the average time of hospital stays by finding the right medication, and on the other hand it reduces toxicity and mortality from adverse reactions. It also reduces the number of outpatient visits by better personalizing medication from the start of treatment.

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Benefits for the whole society.

Reduced social and economic impact

Pharmacogenetics has a favorable impact on all economic aspects of healthcare. It implies lower medical-care costs and reduces the adverse effects that, in addition to the damage to the patient, cause an increase in costs.

We have the confidence of great professionals

  • “A couple of years ago I learned of the existence of g-Nomic software® and I found it very useful for the detection of drug interactions based on genetics. The information it provides is very complete and includes dietary supplements and medicinal plants, almost always forgotten, and makes it very easy for us to choose the SNPs that should be studied in each patient to improve the results of the medication.”

    Dr. C. Varón

    UHE Hematological Unit

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