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  • Monthly
  • Yearly
  • Basic

    To discover the power of pharmacogenetics without compromise

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    • 1 user
    • Up to 30 clicks per day
    • Free for 30 days
  • Gold

    Healthcare professionals and medical centres

    • 2 concurrent users
    • Unlimited number of patients
    • Up to 200 interactions per day
    • Report printing
    • Alerts of changes in active ingredients, risks, etc.
    • Medication monographs
    • Exclusive advantages in training courses
  • Enterprise

    For hospitals, clinics and laboratories

    • Unlimited users
    • Unlimited patients
    • Unlimited interactions
    • Printing of reports
    • Alerts of changes in active ingredients, risks, etc.
    • Medication monographs
    • Personalised training
    • Include your company's logo in the rep Annual

Preguntas frecuentes

  • How do I start using g-nomic?

    Getting started with pharmacogenetics is very simple.


    Simply choose any of our plans – including the free plan – to access our platform. Click on “Try Eugenomic”, select the pricing plan that best suits your needs and enter your personal login and billing details.


    Remember that you can change your details at any time in your customer area.


    Of course, your data is 100% secure, compliant with all legislation and we guarantee that we will not use it for anything other than your relationship with us.

  • Which pricing plan do I need?

    We have designed 4 different plans so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs:

    Basic. Free of charge. Completely free. Ideal for you to try out g-Nomic without commitment. You can enter and save data for up to 5 patients and view up to 50 interactions per day.


    Silver. The solution used by most of our customers. You can enter unlimited patients and view up to 200 interactions per day – more than enough for your day-to-day practice. Ideal for independent doctors with their own practice. 49 € per month or 490 € per year.


    Gold. The perfect plan for medical centres; the same as Silver but with the possibility of having two simultaneous users. Price 79 € per month or 790 € per year.


    Enterprise. Designed for hospitals, clinics and laboratories with many users. Unlimited patients and interactions and personalised training to get the most out of it. Contact us to know in detail your needs and design the best offer.

  • How do I unsubscribe from my subscription?

    No commitments or permanence. You can cancel your subscription at any time.


    If you have a monthly subscription, simply change your plan to “Basic”, our free plan, and you will not be charged for the next month. Of course you will still be able to access your account normally but with the limitations of the Basic plan.


    If you have taken an annual subscription and have passed the 30-day trial period, the subscription will end on the applicable day but we will not be able to refund your money.


    (Note: as the Basic plan has a limit of only 5 patients, you will lose the data and personalized reports of all those who exceed that number).

  • Where can I find my subscription invoices?

    In your customer area you can access the invoices for each of the periods you have contracted with us, whether monthly or annually.


    You can download them and print them in PDF for your accounting and you will find them in the “My invoices” section.

  • How can I change my subscription plan?

    If you need to upgrade or downgrade your g-Nomic subscription plan to increase the number of users or patients, simply visit your private area and click on “My Plan”.


    Once there, click on the change plan button and choose the plan you want to upgrade or downgrade. From that moment on you will be able to access the new capabilities of the chosen plan.


    In the next billing cycle the chosen tariff will be updated and the corresponding charge will be made.

  • What are the payment methods?

    Silver and Gold customers will pay by credit card.


    Customers with an Enterprise licence can pay by bank transfer or direct debit.contrato

  • Questions What is g-Nomic?

    g-Nomic is a pharmacogenetics software that checks lifestyle habits, medicinal plants, nutritional supplements, medical prescription and the patient’s genetic profile to look for negative interactions or interactions that may cancel out the effect of the medication.


    This cloud-based software – accessible from any computer – helps to facilitate the prescription of medicines and the most appropriate doses for each person.


    g-Nomic is a link between genomics research and clinical medicine, offering doctors, pharmacists and analysts the guarantee of efficient and safe prescribing.

  • Who is g-Nomic for?

    g-Nomic users are professionals who fall into one of three categories:


    Physicians. Concerned about getting the most effective prescription for their patients, with g-Nomic they will be able to discover incompatibilities between treatments, lifestyle habits, dietary supplements and the patient’s genetic profile.


    Pharmacists. Pharmacists will be able to know if the combination of prescribed medication and nutritional supplements are effective for the patient. In addition, with the help of personalized reports, they can easily explain to each patient his or her medication, contraindications and degree of genetic evidence.


    Analysts. They will be able to improve their laboratory’s commercial offerings by achieving greater profitability and efficiency. Offering pharmacogenetics solutions will allow you to differentiate your analysis center at a cost of cents per patient.

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