26 de January de 2021


Iatrogenicis a damage, to patient‘shealth, caused by an involuntary medical act.

It is derived from the wordiatrogenesisthat literal means: ’caused by the doctor or healer’ (in Greekiatrosis ‘doctor’ andgenesis: ‘create’).

It can be produced, due to error or omission, by a drug, medical or surgical procedure, performed by a health professional.

It can also result from medical procedures performed with expertise, prudence and diligence, which ends in an unforeseen harm for the patient.

Dr. Juan Sabater-TobellaEuropean Specialist in Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (EC4)Member of the Pharmacogenomics Research NetworkMember of the International Society of Pharmacogenomics and Outcomes ResearchPresidente de EUGENOMIC®

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