26 de January de 2021

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  • An enzyme induceris a drug that binds to an enzyme and induces an increase in its activity. Drugs that induce liver enzymes may have the following effects:
  • It reduce the bioavailability of other drugs metabolized by enzymes to accelerate its metabolism.
  • It increase the bioavailability of drugs required for activation of metabolism.Examples of drugs that are inducers of various CYP may be mentioned: rifampicin, phenobarbital and other anticonvulsants, spironolactone, griseofulvinand alcohol.If at co-medication there is inducer of an enzyme required for the metabolism of other drugs the patient take, there are many difficulties to assess the effect of this induction and its impact on affected drug doses.In general, if possible, it may be advisable to seek an alternative drug that does not induce enzymes involved in the patient’s medication.

Dr. Juan Sabater-Tobella

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