26 de January de 2021

Acronym forRestriction Fragments Length Polymorphism.Restriction enzymesare endonucleases that recognize DNA sequences of 4 to 8 base pairs, calledrestriction targets, and cut through these points.This property can be used to identifypolymorphisms(SNP), because if one of the nucleotides of therestriction targetchanges, the enzyme will not be able to cut.Alternatively the polymorphism can create a restriction target where there was none.RFLPanalyzes the length of the fragmentsresulting from digestion with restriction enzymes, allowing to differentiate alleles have been depending on whether or not cut by therestriction enzyme.

Dr. Juan Sabater-TobellaEuropean Specialist in Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (EC4)Member of the Pharmacogenomics Research NetworkPresidente de EUGENOMIC®

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