26 de January de 2021


It is the acronym ofSingle Nucleotide Polymorphism.A SNP is a place in the DNA where there can be different bases (letters) with different frequency in different individuals.In other words, that the base located in the SNP presents a variability within the population.About ten million SNPs are estimated in the human genome, mostly in non-coding regions.Some SNPs are associated with a particular phenotype or disease, such as the lack of activity of an enzyme of the oxidative metabolism, so the genotyping of the SNP allows predicting the activity or lack thereof of said enzyme.

Dr. Juan Sabater-Tobella

European Specialist in Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (EC4)Member of the Pharmacogenomics Research NetworkMember of the International Society of Pharmacogenomics and Outcomes ResearchPresidente de EUGENOMIC®

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