Therapeutic window

26 de January de 2021

The therapeutic window or therapeutic concentration is the range of plasma concentration between theminimum effective concentration (MEC)and theminimumtoxic concentration (MTC). There are drugs for which this interval is very narrow. That is, the minimum plasma levels to act effectively and the levels at which it can be toxic, are very close. In these cases, if the patient slowly metabolised a particular drug, the usual dose can be at toxic levels, which obviously is not desirable, and if the patient’s SNPs and their personal way of metabolizing certain drugs are known, it can be done an adjustment of the dose for this patient, avoiding the toxic effects of medication.

Dr. Juan Sabater-TobellaEuropean Specialist in Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (EC4)Member of the Pharmacogenomics Research NetworkPresidente de EUGENOMIC®

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